Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday - it's a funny day.

I always find Sundays really hard work. I don't know if it's because, traditionally, it's supposed to be a day of peace and calm and I am crap at sitting still but I always find I play the 'my life would be so much better if' game an awful lot on Sundays. Does anyone else do this? My life would be better if I was thinner, fatter, taller, smaller, richer, poorer...... ? Sometimes I wish for important things and other times I wish for silly things. My current list goes something like this:

My life would be better if I lived here:

Or if I had a craft room

Or these shoes

Or if I could take a gap year (at the age of 30!) and go backpacking

Am I too old to go backpacking? That's something else I worry about (mainly on Sundays). Would I get laughed at by all the young ones? Sigh. I need to go do something productive. Then I won't have time for all this thinking. Time to break out the crochet....


  1. Yeah I agree, Sunday since it is such a peaceful day always seems to have the most thinking well. Maybe it is because the weekdays are usually busier for people.

  2. Hello! Thanks for following my blog! :)
    Yours is so pretty! Funnily enough I also did this alot this sunday! (I think it's because my birthdays due and Im all "I should be doing this and that etc")
    You're definately not too old to backpack at 30! :)
    P.S. I want that craft room too!!

  3. Funny isn't it? I need to get in the habit of having lots of things lined up on a Sunday so I don't waste time procrastinating!!

  4. I am turning 30 this year and still dream about when I can go backpacking through Europe lol

  5. Love the shoes! And I would love to go backpacking. It seems so fun and peaceful. :]

  6. Right, you know what?! I'm going to start planning my backpacking adventure. I might not do it this year, I might not do it next year but I AM going to do it. Ooooh, I'm all excited now!!