Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lost my love for lunges...

I'm in a rut. A training black hole if you will. I love exercise. I love running, I get a buzz out of doing sit-ups, I do lunges round the house because I love that achy feeling the next day that tells you you had a really good workout. If I don't end a session hot, sweaty and gasping for breath I don't feel like I've worked hard enough (you gotta love how the Army brainwashes you). I love exercise. Yet, for the last two weeks, I have NOT been able to motivate myself to even consider putting my trainers on. I feel blah at the mere thought of dragging myself out of the house for a good run and that's so not like me. I feel guilty for not doing anything for two weeks but even that is not enough to push me out the door. Now I'm sitting here feeling like I'm a good two dress sizes bigger than I probably am. BLAH! The stupid thing is....I feel so much better after a good session. It sets me up for the day, gives me some colour in, my otherwise very pale, face and I have so more energy. Plus I can eat without feeling like it's going to make me ten stone heavier....

I'm trying these out for inspiration.

A nice run by the sea..Source unknown
Zest Mag
It might be working. Slowly. Might attempt a few lunges round the kitchen tomorrow. See how it feels. What do you do when your motivation packs it bags and fecks off on holiday without telling you?

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