Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hello Spring!

Another beautifully crisp and sunny day. On days like this I love living in Germany. The scenery, cleanliness and the complete and utter love the Germans have for their homes and gardens is so much more apparent than in the UK. As soon as Spring rears it's pretty little head the lovely people of Deutschland can be seen sweeping the paths outside their houses, weeding the pavements and smiling and waving at everyone that passes. There is still such a sense of community over here...something I sometimes feel disappeared with the 70s back home. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the days where neighbours actually knew other's names and regularly spent hours chatting over the garden fence? Where the whole street clubbed together when someone was sick to help with housework and children? When it was safe for your kids to wander more than 5 feet from home in order to climb trees, fish in the rivers, get covered in mud and then return home exhausted but happy. Ok, ok so I know I'm probably seeing the past through rose-tinted glasses but rose-tinted just makes for such a lovely hue don't you think?


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