Tuesday, 1 March 2011

30 Days of Lists....

If you're addicted to reading blogs and regularly have over a zillion items to look at in Google Reader then you'll have already seen 30 Days of Lists and you may even be signed up! I was just going to be a spectator in this challenge because, honestly, I'm not so good at seeing things through (ask any of my ex-boyfriends or ex-teachers). I get very restless very easily, I get bored quickly and I have what my Mum calls a Butterfly Brain because it constantly flitters here, there and everywhere. A polite way of saying I'm scatty, I know. My Mum's good like that :)

Anyway, today marked the official start of this challenge and I suddenly thought that the reason I SHOULD take part is exactly because I don't think I CAN. That's something else about me. I avoid anything that may result in disappointment or failure. And I'm fed up of sitting on the sidelines and feeling too scared to really go for it. So I'm going for it. And I'm telling you all about it so you can make help me. A shout of encouragement, a bit of clapping.... you know the score. And if anyone else is taking part, let me know so I can help you. Unless you're a list-maker/challenge completer extroardinaire, in which case, I'm too jealous to even speak to you right now :P

Grab the button from my side-bar and lets do this thang!

Here's my first list with the first prompt 'A few things about yourself''. Check out more on Flickr.

One of thirty completed.



  1. tids, first off - thank you for stopping by! so glad you tried the project out!
    Second, i am so fascinated with this project , but like you don't know that i can follow through.
    but its worth a shot. i love lists - and they are often in tiny scraps that end up lost or in the trash. would be nice to keep them all together and reference them in the future for nostalgia's sake.
    ta ta!

  2. Teri you should totally go for it. It's ok to start it late. And honestly, it takes up ten minutes of my day just before bed. Come join us!!! PS Your project rocked, I'm going to highlight it if that's ok with you?