Monday, 21 February 2011

Much Love Monday

Today I'm loving starting a new project. I'm about 1/28 through a crochet blanket which, because I crochet slower than a monkey with no hands, is starting to make me feel a bit grrrrrrrrrrrrr. And I don't like to feel grrrrrrrrrrrr. So I'm putting it aside for today and starting on this instead.....

I've not done much embroidery so lets hope it goes a bit faster than the crochet. Ahem. The pretty little house is from The Floss Box which has loads of free embroidery and cross stitch patterns, all of them gorgeous.

Happy Monday, everyone. Don't worry, it's nearly the weekend....

Linking to 'Much Love' because it gives me something to look forward to on a Monday!

PS. Please excuse my shockingly crap picture taking. It's on my 'List of things to improve on' which is growing every hour...

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  1. thanks for linking to Much Love Monday!
    Good luck with your project :)