Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So difficult...

In light of recent events in Japan I'm finding it really hard to type up a normal blog post. I just started writing about how stressed I was packing up the house ready for our move back to the UK and was suddenly overcome with guilt at daring to feel this way. I have a roof over my head, I know where my family are and that they are safe and well and all I've lost this week is a two euro coin that fell out of my purse when I was buying milk and cat food. I know many bloggers feel the same way but there is also a part of me that feels I should just 'soldier on' and write about the things that are bothering me, the duvet cover that's currently on my wishlist and the conversation I recently had with my daughter about hormones but, for today at least, this doesn't seem right.

I'll save the duvet cover for tomorrow.

Hugs, hope and prayers for those in Japan.

Jacob Cass

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