Monday, 21 March 2011

Much Love Monday

I love Much Love Mondays. I love them even more when I find awesome blog posts that I can tie in with the Monday Lovin' theme. Having stumbled across these two fabbity fab posts below I dedicate this Monday to Much Loving..... Yourself.  I know, I know, an alien concept for many of us..... especially those with kids, dogs, husbands, hamsters, cats and laundry to contend with but it only takes five minutes to do something, anything for yourself during the day that makes you feel just that little bit more special.
Healthy Loser Gal
Need some inspiration? Healthy Loser Gal has written a lovely post on the little things she does to take better care of herself. And it is the little things that count. Much as I'd love to pack a bag and hit the backpackers trail, right now this minute it's not exactly many hostels will take me, Baby Boo, the dog, cat and hamster? And how am I going to carry the hamster's bag as well as my own?

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet (probably one of my most favourite blogs) has kicked off Monday with 'One week to a better me' and I love her ideas to improve herself over the coming week using these five categories: nutrition, exercise, relationships, creativity, and me-time so I'm going to have a little go at these myself. Want to join in? Hop over to Sometimes Sweet and read the full post then get listing :)

Nutrition: EAT. I am terrible at remembering to eat. I feed all the animals because they are not all shy about reminding me that I need to top their bowls up but frequently get to bedtime and realise I've eaten nothing bar a packet of crisps and an apple all day. And by EAT I am not allowed to fall back on my fail-safe meal of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. 

Exercise: I love to exercise. My job kind of demands it of me but I am guilty of sticking to running, sit-ups and push-ups. Time to shake it up a bit. I bought a kettle bell that is currently being employed as a doorstop (ahem) so this week I'm going to let that door swing shut and use the kettle bell in the way nature intended (if I can find the DVD that came with it. I'm probably using it as a coaster or something).

Relationships: I've been crap at keeping in touch this last few months. Need to ring my best mate and see what mischief my gorgeous God-Son has been up to, ring my sister and see how her uni course is going and I need to write to my penpal in California.

Creativity: Did you read my last post? I'm making a headband dammit! Why else do I have a glue-gun? If it goes wrong it goes wrong..... at least I tried. Note to self: Try not to glue fingers together as per the Christmas Decoration Making Incident....

Me time: A Pedicure methinks. It's nearly time to break out the summer sandals and I don't want people pointing and laughing at my gnarled, hairy, yellow-toenailed feet. Bleeurg. This may take some time....

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