Friday, 4 March 2011

End of the Week.

Where in God's name has this week gone? And how the hell have I managed to achieve the square root of nothing in 5 days?! I had so much planned this week and I've somehow managed to not do any of it. I blame Google Reader. Oh, and all you people who keep writing thought-provoking or funny or inspirational blog posts? I blame you too. If you weren't all so damned talented, if you didn't all have such a good eye for fashion, vintage finds or photos then maybe, just maybe, I might actually get some work done! (not that I want you all to stop. My life would be pants without all the lovely blogs I follow......). That is all.

PS. Just remembered... Still going strong with 30 days of lists so all is not lost. This was yesterday's. Not taken photos of today's yet..... too busy reading blog posts. Ahem.

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