Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Looking through old photos...

I've just been flicking through some of my old photos and came across an album that had me laughing so hard tea came out of my nose. About two years ago we travelled down South in my Mum's camper van to go to my cousin's wedding. There were five of us in total zooming down the motorway in my parent's pride and joy. On the way back up North the van started making funny noises. Or so I'm told.... I was snuggled up under a quilt snoozing in the back. The van then started to swerve a bit and Mum felt like she was losing control of the steering so pulled in to the next lay-by and phoned the AA to come out and check it over. Whilst sitting on the side of the M1 we got bored and so out came the camera......

Baby Boo attempted to to flag down some help with the use of her 'pathetic face'.

That didn't work. So I tried.....

No luck for me either.... so Baby Sister was up next.....

Still no luck! Mummy and Daddy were not impressed with our efforts....

So I did what every girl in a crisis should do.

And cracked open Cosmo. Thank goodness our Knight in Shining Armour arrived soon after.

Having pronounced Mrs Camper Van fooked...... he then proceeded to whisk us away in his posh Knight's carriage with a promise that a hire car would be waiting for us just a wee way up the motorway.

He was true to his promise. There WAS a hire car. But we weren't expecting it to look like this....

We wanted something big and flash! The only thing big about this car was the boot. As tested by Baby Boo. It was all just too much for me. .

The End.


  1. Such a nice blog you have! I also love the name...too cute. x

  2. The photos of your sisters made me laugh - especially lifting up the skirt :P

  3. Lol... it was one of the funniest break downs ever. Who'd have thought you could have such fun on the motorway?!

  4. Mummy says THANK GOODNESS for the RAC - worth EVERY penny !!! Thanks RAC and our girls for keeping us SO entertained !

  5. Hi Mummy!! Am I the best story teller or what?!