Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sleep? It rings a bell....

I've been awake for 52 hours. I'd like to tell you I'm doing it for charity but, truth be told, I'm just having one of those stressy, worry about anything and everything weeks and I still feel unsettled without Baby Boo. I'm beyond exhausted, slightly on the hyper side and possibly bordering on deleriousness (yes, it IS a word. Well, it is now).

Going without sleep = bad
Discovering new internet goodies as a result = hurrah!

Look what I found whilst googling 'pesto pasta'..... at 3am this morning....

Food Gawker! How have I never found this before?! A website where all the best foody blogs in the world kindly place all their yummy recipes in one spot with links to their blogs saving me hours of searching and RSI!! I found this scrummy recipe and even dribbled a bit at the picture. It's ok, I had my PJ's on.

Gimme some Oven Found via Food Gawker!

I know! Amazing, right? Wait, gets better....

Dwelling Gawker! Yep, thousands and millions of pictures of fabbity, gorgeous homes. Suddenly 3am isn't so bad though it would be much better if I lived here and could nip out for a night time swim....

Studio Home found via Dwelling Gawker.
Yeah baby!

Oh, did you think I was finished? Nope, saving the best for last....

Craft Gawker! By the time I found this I was almost wetting myself with excitement. Seriously. I may even have jumped up and down on my bed a bit. Maybe.

I'm heading down town in a bit so I can buy what I need to make this!

Between the Lines found via Craft Gawker.

Happy browsing everyone. Let me know what you think. Just nudge me if my eyes are shut.


  1. It's nice that you've found all these sweet internet lovlies, but I hope that you're back to sleeping and feeling like yourself again soon xx

  2. Aww thank you. I went to the Doctor yesterday to have a chat about my erratic sleeping pattern and he's given me some strategies to try so fingers crossed :)