Saturday, 14 May 2011

Why I blog...

Why do we blog? Do you ever ask yourself that question? I never had until today but after reading Alycia's post over at The Curious Pug I couldn't stop asking myself. I got so absorbed in this one, little question that my cup of tea went cold and I forgot to eat the three Jaffa Cakes I'd just stealthily removed from the biscuit tin! I know! I forgot to eat biscuits! I still haven't really answered this question to my satisfaction but I came up with a few things.

1. I started blogging out of pure jealousy. I saw pretty, inspirational, funny blogs and I wanted one. Simple as that. I still have a long way to go but I'll get there one day. I still very much feel like a newbie.

2. When Baby Boo first went to boarding school I was so lonely and so sad that I completely shut myself away from 'real' people. Not that you guys aren't real but the people I worked with, socialised with - I cut them all off. I just wanted to cry... and you can write blog posts without anyone ever knowing you have tears running down your face. This doesn't work so well with face to face conversations. Funnily enough.

3. I discovered 'crafting' soon after Boo went to school and I kind of hoped that one day I'd be good enough at something to be able to do cute tutorials for the cute things I've made. Still working on this one too. It's not helped by the fact that I'm still in that phase of trying everything because it's still so new and exciting.

4. Once I'd started blogging and discovered how much I enjoyed it, I vowed to get better at it. To build the kind of blog I'd always wanted when I first began reading other people's. I want to learn html and photoshop and learn how to take good pictures and how to write things people will enjoy reading without compromising me and the things I want to write about.

5. It's made me realise what a big place the world is. I love reading blogs from the US and Australia and the UK and Japan and... well, you get the picture. It's nice to throw a little bit of Germany in to the mix. Though with our move back to England I'll just have to blog about the good old North East coast! Stand by, stand by! 

6. To make new friends. I love people. People are awesome.

How about you? Why do you blog? Pop over to The Curious Pug for a little linky party.



  1. great list! and cute blog you have over here :) <3

  2. It's exciting that you're posted in Germany, but it's even better that you'll be going home soon, closer to home and family (especially your daughter - I bet she misses you a bunch). And I'm glad you liked Ravelry :) Keep blogging - you bring cuteness and joy to people around the world.

    Lee x
    (Hood Cats - from Australia)

  3. omg, what an authentic voice you have! I could totally relate to your "I forgot to eat biscuits!" line. I forgot to eat breakfast this morning as I pondered the "Why do I blog?" question (I'm a big eater). Love your answers here. Number 1 is awesome :-) I think that's as good a reason as any to blog.

  4. Your blog is gorgeous, and I'm happy to "meet" you! :)

  5. Aww thank you very much! Happy to meet you too :D