Monday, 9 May 2011

Much Love Monday

I'm still loving crochet. I'm also loving that I'm getting more confident and more experimental as each day passes....and I'm loving that every time I manage to make something I want to run down the street, bang on people's doors and scream 'LOOK WHAT I DID!' before thrusting my latest creation in their faces.

Ok, so it's just a bit of fabric and a bit of pretty crochet edging but I made it all by myself! And now I'm giggling because I'm all pleased and stuff!

You watch.... by next week I'll be whipping up something like this!

Too cool - check it out


  1. hehe that car is so cute! and i love you heart. Wish i was more crafty x

  2. Crocheting is great :) If you want to crochet a heart, there's a really pretty pattern (not difficult) on (you need to sign up but it's free) or at this website:
    Ravelry is definitely worth joining.
    Your blog is really cute :)

    Lee x
    (Hood Cats)

  3. Aww thank you. Just checked out Ravelry! HOW awesome?!

    Tids xx