Monday, 25 April 2011

Winner winner winner!!!

Just popping on to announce the winner of the fab-a-dooody sponge mic giveaway. Will be back tomorrow with pics of moi et Baby Boo and the fabulous Easter Hols we've just had. She's back to school tomorrow so I will be able to sit still for five minutes, breathe and write me a blog post. If I could bottle that kid's energy and sell it I would be so rich I'd never have to turn away a pretty pair of shoes....EVER.

Ok, I just used to draw the winner and it gave me number 9!! However, on account of my complete and utter lack of computer skills, I can't figure out how to display the widget with the result attached and I'm too scared to play with html stuff so you're just going to have to trust me. Next time I am drawing numbers out of a hat....

Congratulations Andy!! Hope your girls love it. I've sent you an email so you can let me know where you want your prize sending. Oh, that felt so good. I'll have to have another give away soon. Who knew they could be such fun?! Thank you for entering and giving me that warm, gooey feeling that comes with doing something nice.


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  1. Hi I just checked back in with your site and saw that I won! My kids will be so excited. I just checked my email however and didn't get your message. can you either resend to or give me an address to email you? Thanks