Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pin Pin Pin Pin.....

Pinterest. Hours go by. The child goes hungry. The sky goes dark. My tea gets cold. The dog bounces cross-legged by the front door and all because of Pinterest. I'm not alone. I know I'm not. Well, I might be the only one that forgets to feed her offspring but I'm not alone in being a Pinterest addict. Right?

I have a fair few boards ranging from Makes to Pretty Hair to Things I MUST Have.... One Day. The board titled 'Mine Mine Want Want' is a board stuffed to the gills with things I will probably never be able to afford but a girl can dream and dream I do. 

Yesterday whilst pinning and forgetting to drink I stumbled across the cutest PJs in the world. And I pinned. Before checking the price and whether they can be found in the UK. Mainly because I've discovered through Pinterest that I have expensive taste. Who knew? Champagne tastes and beer pockets, that's me! Luckily for me.... not only are these Jimmy Jammy's well within my budget but they're from H&M. Hurrah! Never getting dressed again. Ever.


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