Thursday, 21 July 2011

I made.... something!

As many of you know I am totally addicted to crochet. What started as a simple way to pass the time of an evening is now bordering on obsession. What you don't know, however, is that (before today) I'd yet to finish a single project. I know, disgusting right? I get so excited when I come across new projects in magazines, on blogs, youtube etc that whatever I'm working on promptly gets abandoned so I can take up this much newer, much more exciting task.... ahem. With this troubling me as I tried to sleep last night, I got up this morning, shoved cinnamon and raisin bread in the toaster and dived head first in to my WIP box (which is bigger than your average caravan - I really must get a grip).

Lo and behold, two hours, two slices of toast, four cups of tea and a chocolate biscuit later and Ta-DAAH!!!

A hat!

Crocheted in the garden during this freakishly hot weather we're having in the UK.  Ah well, no need to worry.... it'll be freezing in a couple of days if normal British summers are anything to go by and then I can stroll around town in my new woolly creation. Plus I now know what everyone is getting for Christmas....


  1. Ahh that's lovely! Best part is you made it yourself! My mom has been trying to get me to crochet precisely for this reason- it's rewarding to make things for yourself. x

  2. It's so much easier to just start a whole heap of exciting projects rather than actually finish them... that's why crochet can be so fantastic. There are lots of little projects that you can finish really quickly. It's exciting, huh!

    Lee x

  3. Looks great! Did you get my message the other day?